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Half-Day Husky Safari

    Tour Operator: Maglelin Experience         Travel method: Other / Non-Travel     Region: Lapland

Half day of fun!


Shared sled: 220€ Two people on the sled
Single driver: 280€ Enjoy the ride with your own dog team!


4 hours


In this program, you will ride a sled of 4-6 dogs and experience the daily activities of a husky kennel. After the sled ride, we will sit down by an open fire in a Lapp hut to enjoy a warm drink and snacks. An experienced guide will tell you interesting information about sled dogs and what is included in the maintenance of a pack of sled dogs, what kind of training the dogs require, etc.

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Important information

Dear guests,

Here are some guidelines when you are joining our husky safaris.

Please note that riding a sled is a physical activity, so you should be able to move reasonably well.

Transfer from Levi to our kennel and back include the safari price and program time.

The price includes outdoor clothes which are provided in adult sizes. The outdoor clothes that we provide include a winter coat and winter trousers, shoes, mittens, and a hat.

Although we provide outdoor clothing, you should still put on warm clothes when joining our safaris. Usually riding and sitting in a sled is a cold activity, so you should pay special attention to dressing yourself warmly. This means that you need to use many layers of warm clothing.

We recommend using clothes made of wool and down feathers. Using the right kind of socks is important. You should put on several layers of wool socks or heat socks. Do not use cotton socks. Usually, your feet and your hands are the parts of your body that get cold most easily.

We recommend that you use warmers for your hands and feet. Please make sure that especially your children are dressed extra warmly. You will enjoy the husky safari much better when you stay warm!

A person under 18 years old is not allowed to drive a sled but may participate as a passenger.

We do not recommend riding a sled if you are pregnant.

For safety reasons, children who are under 2 years old are not allowed to participate in our programs.

It is not allowed to ride a sled under the influence of alcohol.

Please also make sure that you have valid travel insurance.

Before the program starts, you will get the riding instructions in English. The duration of the programs is estimated at times. The duration of the program is affected by factors like the weather and the number of participants.

Additionally, you need to take along a camera and a happy adventurous spirit!

Welcome to the Maglelin Experience!

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