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Tour Operator: Lapland Welcome Ltd 6 hours Travel method:   Mini Bus / Car Region / Starts from: Lapland-Rovaniemi

The Wilderness

Did you know that Rovaniemi is located in the middle of the impressive wilderness. During this trip we spot wild animals and birds in the forests around Rovaniemi. We search reindeer packs, moose and wild animals and see a lot of wild taiga forests, lakes and ponds at the Arctic Circle. First you will get the adventure gear like rubber boots and forest jackets and then we travel into the wilderness by a comfortable minibus.

We take pictures on this tour and prepare our lunch, delicious salmon fish, barbequing it by open fire. Mmmmm…

We visit a very large wilderness lake with untouched shores. This area is suggested to be a new national park in Finland - South-West Lapland National Park. The area is very famous for large bogs, creeks, old forests and wilderness lakes. We listen to stories about the reindeer and moose and their annual living rhythm. We also try to spot small mammals like snow hares, martens and foxes. Using binoculars we try to spot swans, geese, black grouses and wood grouses. Golden eagles are common there. Binoculars are provided. 

We visit a wilderness chapel on our way. We have 3 wilderness chapels in Finland and this is one of them. 

To see wild animals is up to Mother Nature and can't be guaranteed. Spotting reindeer is guaranteed. We will be back at the hotel at about 4 P.M.

The large wilderness forests are characteristic of large parts of Lapland nature. Lapland nature is adding to the concept that Lapland is a land of contrasts. We are very proud of the soft, rolling, coniferous hills of Finnish Lapland, and clean and well preserved nature. Also the traditional, living culture is connected to the use of nature.

In Lapland, the four seasons of the year differ greatly from each other. There are various factors affecting the climate, and it is thanks to them that we can enjoy warm and sunny summer days, frosty and beautiful winter days, as well as the uniqueness of the Polar Night and Polar Day, the long periods of continuous night and day.

Summer in Lapland is bright, the time of the nightless night. Night and day the midnight sun stays above the horizon. In August days turn shorter and in October day light is already restricted. In May the light is back for 24 hours.

During times with no snow, Lapland offers meaningful experiences, the rugged beauty of the fell highlands and sparkling clear waters. Nature can be experienced many ways.

Welcome to experience the Lappish wilderness in the heart of the nature, an easy enjoyable way, by car and on foot!


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