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Tour Operator: Lapland Welcome Ltd 4 hours Travel method:   Other / Non-Travel Region / Starts from: Lapland-Rovaniemi

Finnish Sauna and Swimming

Enjoy the Finnish tradition! Finland is the home country of sauna. Almost all Finnish go to sauna every week. Now you have an opportunity to try original Finnish sauna with swimming. This trip is enjoyable in the every possible weather! Private trip for your family only!

The trip starts at 5 PM when the guide comes to pick you up from your hotel. Soon we head us to the countryside and original private Finnish wood heated sauna. After getting some information about the use of sauna we may try steam room first. Once you feel warm enough you may run into the water or snow. Swimming after the sauna in clean natural sweet and steady water is an experience even for locals. In the winter time we swim in the snow. Return transfers from your hotel, guiding, towels and barbeque snacks are included to this comfortable trip. As an option you can also book outdor bath tube. It is warm year around! 

Other starting times are available upon requests. 

A Finnish Sauna is an important part of Finnish tradition and has become popular world-wide. Most every house in Finland has one. For a Finnish Sauna, a small-sized room or outdoor hut is typically heated to about 70-100 degrees Celsius (158-212 degrees Fahrenheit). While you’re in there, water is gently poured on very hot stones, increasing the humidity in the room to around 20%.

Saunas are used both for recreational and therapeutic purposes, with most people utilizing them as a relaxation tool that provides additional health benefits. The majority of saunas built of wood, often aromatic, that release pleasing aromas as they heat.

Saunas are thought by many to be best used alternating hot and cold. To this end, spending enough time in the sauna to become hot, and then leaving the sauna to cool back down, before repeating, is an ideal way to use the sauna to its full potential. Many people enjoy leaving the sauna to leap into a body of cold water.

The Finnish sauna is by far the most popular sauna globally.


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