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Visit a Reindeer Farm and One Hour Safari

    Tour Operator: Lapland Welcome Ltd     3 hours     Travel method: Other / Non-Travel     Region: Lapland-Rovaniemi

Visit a local reindeer farm with us and meet people living at the farm. See both wild and trained safari reindeer. You will hear about the reindeer herding as a profession and introduce yourself to reindeer driving. Then, participate in a reindeer safari for one hour by sitting on a sleigh and enjoy beautiful snowy landscape on the way.

Coffee, tea and sweet bread is offered as well. For an additional price, you may also have a lunch at the farm, but the lunch should be ordered in advance. Guiding, transfers to farm and back and all equipment, winter clothes and shoes are included. You will get a reindeer driving license as a memory.

Reindeer are an inseparable part of Lapland’s nature. Reindeer herding as a way of life – in its current form – is at least 500 years old. Reindeer are kind obedient animals, if you can train them first with right skills.

Reindeer have been used for carrying and pulling burdens since the beginning of the Common Era. Reindeer are extremely strong as these can carry heavy loads. These have sharp hooves, which enable them to walk on snow and ice. Reindeer can shed their antlers during the winter and new antlers grow in their place.

Reindeer are semi-domesticated, and every animal is owned by a herder. In Northern Lapland, reindeer husbandry is still a major source of income for many. There are about 200 000 reindeer in Finland and about 6 500 reindeer owners in Lapland.

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