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Tour Operator: Kairankutsu Oy 1h 30m Travel method:   Walking Region / Starts from: Lapland

Discover the secrets of the Finnish Nature, berries & herbs at the Pyhä-Luosto National Park and marks of ice age at the Ukko-Luosto fell.

The purest nature in Europe greets you on our walking tour were grows old pine trees and one of the greenest nature in the world.  Since the Ice age the Lappish wild herbs garnered from these lush forests have nurtured both the body and soul of the indigenous Sámi people. On this tour you will  learn a lot about treasures of Lappish nature. This shorter tour is easy. No climbing just enjoying nature around us. 

If you want to have longer tour with visit in top of Ukko-Luosto or / and Amethyst mine. You can choose from extras, when you are in shopping card. 

In longer tour we will first start walking under Ukko-Luosto and head to a beautiful Lampivaara. On top of the Lampivaara, there is Amethyst Mine what hides many jewels. Some of them can be up to 2000 million years old. You will have one hour mine visit with lot of information and then you can dig your own stone. If you are lucky, you can find the most famous jewel in Lapland – the Shaman jewel. After mine visit we continue through Pikku Luosto fell to Ukko-Luosto fell. 

You can experience the magnificent landscapes, aapamires, surrounding rugged fells and over 400 years old old-growth forests on our Ukko-Luosto conquest. Ukko-Luosto rises up to 514 meters. The golden eagle, rough-legged buzzard or even a reindeer can surpsrise you on the top on Ukko-Luosto Fell. Ukko-Luosto rises up to 514 meters. On the top you can experience the magnificent landscapes to aapamires, surrounding fells and over 400 years old old-growth forests. 

Duration for longer tour is 5 hours with mine visit.

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