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Tour Operator: SaimaaHoliday Oravi 3 hours Travel method:   Boat Region / Starts from: Southern Finland

Autumn Colors in Linnansaari

Enjoy the beautiful autumn colors, hike and pick berries/ mushroom in the Linnansaari National Park! 

A safari boat will take you from Oravi village to the main island of Linnansaari National Park. In the park you can enjoy outdoors by hiking on one of the marked trails and visit Linnavuori hill for a nice view. Marked trails are 2,2km, 5,5km and 7 km. You can also pop in to the museum croft and the slash and burn site for some history. Museum is located ca.800m from the harbor. 

Linnansaari is also known for its good mushroom and berry picking sites. Explore the island and gather a healthy snack or ingredients for a tasty mushroom dish.  

For picnic you can use one of the fire places on the camp sites. There is dry fire wood in the sheds nearby! 

Boat transfer to the island takes ca.20 minutes. Recommended time is min. 2 hours on the island. If you are hiking the longest route it takes 3 hours! You can agree on the return time with the boat driver. The default tour time is 3 hours but you can stay at the island as long as you want.

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